They are both based on making solid connections!

That’s exactly what we were thinking when we scheduled Parent Connection Meetings at the start of this academic year.  Last year, we piloted the idea.  Based on our success, we decided to repeat it.

Rather than waiting to get parents and teachers in conversation about students until our traditional Parent Conferences in November, we decided it’s optimal to schedule the meetings early in this new academic year.  As a result, all Academy teachers are in the process of making a connection with parents of their advisees and homeroom students.


First, learning as much as we can about our students is one of the Academy’s core values.  “We aspire to know our students as individuals and to provide a community in which they can reach their full potential while feeling safe as they grow intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.” 

Second, research shows, and our experience bears out, that frequent parent-teacher discussion has a direct and positive impact on the learning outcomes of students.

Third, our parents have expectations for the academic, social, and emotional success of their students.  It’s critical for our teachers to know those expectations.

And lastly, the earlier parents and teachers can join in conversation about those expectations and hopes, the better for all parties.

Scheduling Parent Connection Meetings early in the year is rather unique to Harrisburg Academy.  We are proud to pioneer this important aspect in the parent-teacher-student relationship.  It’s all part of our commitment to and focus on what is in the best academic and social interests of our students.  It’s another example of how we prepare students in a fundamentally different way and in a fundamentally different environment.

Once all meetings are completed, we’ll ask you – our parents – for your perspective on these meetings.  Our goal is to learn if they are achieving their purpose and make them as valuable as possible.

Solid connections – it’s remarkable what we can build together!