There are several commonalities that all members of the senior class display at this time of the school year.  Without question, the warm weather, anticipation of graduating, excitement of going to college, and enjoyment of knowing that in a few months all day-to-day decisions will be in their hands have all students — especially seniors —distracted, to say the least.  If you were to analyze these characteristics, you would come up with a simple diagnosis… commonly known as “senioritis!”

With the end of the school year in view, the Alumni Office and the senior class pooled their thoughts and organized “100 Days ’til Graduation,” an event held on Feb. 29, 2012.  The fiesta-style celebration, complete with enchiladas, fajitas, churros, and several tasty side dishes, celebrated the energetic group of college-bound students and gave them another opportunity cherish time together.  They are all starting to realize that their days at Harrisburg Academy are about to end, and a world of new, challenging experiences are about to unfold.

The students consumed several helpings of food as T-shirts displaying the “100 Days ’til Graduation” logo (designed by Alex W. ’12) were distributed to each senior.  The reaction was typical of any high school student receiving an unexpected gift.  Some students tried them on, while others chose to sign their friends’ shirts with their names and well-wishes.

As any fantastic fiesta should end, the group tried their hand at breaking a piñata, swinging back and forth as blindfolded seniors did their best to dislodge the pounds of candy trapped inside.  The following day, the senior class was permitted to their own dress down day (wearing their new shirts, of course!) in celebration of the milestone.