Harrisburg Academy’s Alumni Council hosted its first networking event on Wednesday, Jan. 18 at the Harrisburg Regional Chamber offices. Expecting to attract the interest of alumni and friends of the Academy, Ralph Vartan and Nicole Conway of the Vartan Group were invited to speak about the development of the 1500 Project, a residential, retail, and office complex located in midtown Harrisburg.

By 7:15 a.m., the group began to materialize — rather early for everyone, except for Roy Brenner ’86, who managed to squeeze in a workout at the Y before arriving (we’re proud of you, Roy!). Between sips of coffee and a bagel, the gathering of realtors and supporters of the Vartan Group shared information about their careers, views of where the City of Harrisburg is headed, and the common interest they had about the 1500 Project. Clearly, everyone in the room was eager to take something away from this networking opportunity while establishing new connections.

Nicole Conway (the Vartan Group’s executive vice president and general counsel) elaborated on the general concept of the 1500 Project by detailing general layout, unique design, outdoor living area, exceptional city views, and the convenience of having a restaurant and shops scattered throughout the first level of the complex. The Vartan Group is pleased that the 1500 Project is on schedule (set to be completed in late April) and has a large percentage of its retail and residential units under contract already.

The Harrisburg Academy Alumni Council would like to thank our local businessmen for supporting this event and look forward to other networking opportunities in the future.