In today’s fast-paced world, we are faced with new gadgets on an almost daily basis, making for innumerable choices when it comes to the way we use technology.  It is no wonder that children are more interested in dynamic and fun uses of technology rather than the functional aspects for which the device was originally designed.

Now I love gadgets as much as the next person.  However, my goal as an educator is to help students appreciate the joy in using a device in the most practical and efficient way, not necessarily for whatever gaming fad is currently on trend.  How do we help students see the value of electronic devices as a tool, and use them as such?

At the Academy, we have created a new scope of computer science instruction that will aid our students in not only understanding the value electronic devices as tools, but also provide opportunities to foster their use in this way.  This year, classroom teachers will plan and implement instruction of one of the computer science class periods, with the computer science teacher acting as a coach and resource.  This evolution allows for more purposeful technology integration in the classroom, which is definitely to our students’ advantage.  With this innovation in our curriculum, students will have for effective and genuine practice in using technology as a tool, which also providing the opportunity for both teachers and students to broaden their knowledge and understanding of computer usage and software programs as a whole.

In providing more opportunities for use, the Academy believes that our students will not only be able to better appreciate the value of computers as tools, but also strengthen their skills through practice and exploration and hands-on learning.

Eventually, students will see that toys are fun to play with, but tools can help you to have more time to play!