On October, 3, 2014 Harrisburg Academy recognized two new Athletics Hall of Fame inductees: Blair Trogner, Jr.’93 and Devin Dadigan’06.  Granted, Devin was only four years old when Blair graduated from the Academy, but both had a common thread — like all 37 Hall of Famers, they loved to compete on the courts and fields.  In fact, all attribute their success in life to being a student-athlete.  Learning such skills as time-management, perseverance, working as a team, and learning how to win and lose with dignity are all themes I hear in the acceptance speeches.  Blair competed in nine marathons and he credits his time in the classroom and on the sports field with teaching him to focus on and work towards excellence.  I personally get to know all the recipients through this process and I am always amazed at how humble each one is to be selected for such an award.  Each person is always taken back by the nomination and is grateful to be recognized by a former classmate, coach, or friend.

As the director of athletics, I often think of our current athletes and wonder what it will be like to have them back in 20 years and if they will still have the common thread.  I believe they will!  The common thread is the desire to win, to compete, and to have fun while growing intellectually and emotionally into adulthood.  The high school years are very influential in shaping life-long goals and are instrumental for character development.  Devin writes, “Harrisburg Academy athletics: where ‘mathlete’ and athlete can star on the same team.  The inclusiveness of the Spartans sports program prepared me to play well in all of life’s arenas.”  The ceremony was presented in front of the current students at Harrisburg Academy, and I believe it encourages them when they witness successful role-models return to tell their stories; they too, share a common thread.