A Digital Walk Through States Fair

Harrisburg Academy’s 4th grade held its annual States Fair on Friday, April 21, 2017 in  Louis Lehrman Gymnasium.  Seventeen states were represented at States Fair this year.  Each student chose a state to investigate.  They created show boards and chose a food or drink to prepare that is associated with their state.

Thanks to our visitors of all ages who attended States Fair and interacted with our students.  For those who were unable to join us, we invite you to take a digital walk through Harrisburg Academy’s States Fair experience!

Fourth graders began preparing for States Fair with a Mock States Fair.

Vivienne C. ’25 — Virginia

Macy K. ’25 — Maryland

Michael C. ’25 — Colorado

Getting ready… Glasses — check!  Dress — Check!  Helmet — Check!  We are ready for States Fair!  The question is… Are they ready for us?!

Olivia D. ’25 — California

Kira G. ’25 — Alaska

A’mari H. ’25 — Texas

These states boast of having the most land mass in the United States. Can you put the states in order of size?

(Answer: 1-Alaska, 2-Texas, 3-California).

Michael C. ’25 — Colorado

Ty’Leah H. ’25 — Washington

These two states share a well-known mountain range.  Can you guess what it is?

(Answer: The Rocky Mountains).

Elijah S. ’25 — Illinois

Hadley Q. ’25 — Missouri

Roman L. ’25 — Indiana

Mikayla T. ’25 — Kansas

From flowers, to football and race cars, to just hanging out with Huck Finn, the Midwest is chock-full of adventure!

Anthony M. ’25 — New York

Macy K. ’25 — Maryland

Vivienne C. ’25 — Virginia

Adrian J. ’25 — Massachusetts

A few of the 13 original colonies were showcased at States Fair.  If you had a chance to talk to these students, we are sure they gave you a great history lesson!

Leo F. ’25 — Florida

Aidan C. ’25 — Hawaii

Calla D. ’25 — Delaware

Come warm yourself on the shores of Florida, Hawaii, and Delaware.  We will tell you all about the great places to visit in these states!

We hope you had a great time at States Fair 2017 and learned lots of new facts (and enjoyed some delicious food)!

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