Congratulations to the Class of 2014 on your graduation from our highly esteemed alma mater, Harrisburg Academy.  Sometimes during my regular workdays at the Academy, I find myself experiencing surreal moments because I know exactly what you are going through; I’ve been in your shoes.  Welcome to the next phase in your journey.

To successfully navigate through the world, you must be prepared and take with you valuable knowledge to help overcome obstacles presented to you.  Yes I’m being a bit vague, but there is no cookie cutter advice here — you’ll need to figure it out on your own.  And in doing so, you will have your first real-world opportunities to become a leader.  Look back on what you’ve learned at the Academy; approach issues analytically and holistically. Take charge, first of yourself, and then as a leader of your peers.

As your journey continues, think back to your Academy education and be confident in it and in yourself.  However, no one is truly prepared for a journey without mementos, those little reminders that you will look at from time to time.  They will bring back memories of your time here, of former teachers, and time with friends.  In my office I have many mementos of my time at the Academy: my diploma, my letterman jacket, my team athletics photos, and my Jefferson Cup.

I encourage you to keep in touch with each other and the Academy, thank your parents as often as you can, and venture outside your comfort zone, even if just a little bit.  Most importantly, if you don’t already know it… Harrisburg Academy will come to make a big impact on who you are, in college and in life beyond.  Congratulations Class of 2014 — enjoy the journey!