Elizabeth Hoffman’04 visited the Academy to talk with students who are interested in careers in English, literature, journalism, and business. Liz is currently a reporter at the Wall Street Journal, and she talked about the different transitions she took on her way to her current job. She was able to connect with many students over her own discovery of how her interest in English and writing turned into a career. Many current students are facing a similar transition and took the opportunity to ask questions. Current student Molly M. ’17 attended and said, “Elizabeth represented her profession well. She explained how powerful a publication can be, thus the necessity of fact-checking. I learned a lot, and found it interesting, not quite shocking though, how journalists tend to lean more to the political side and the English side of majors. I’m glad I had the opportunity to hear her speak.”

Liz Hoffman is an Academy “Survivor” who graduated in 2004. She went on to Tufts University, where her plans to pursue a career in politics changed early on after she joined the school’s daily newspaper, first as a sideline sportswriter and eventually as its managing editor. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science, Liz went on to Northwestern University, where she got a master’s degree in journalism in 2009. She was hired as a web editor at Wednesday Journal, a small media company in Chicago, but missed life in the newsroom. In 2011, she moved to New York City for a job as a reporter for Law360, a legal news publication, writing about corporate law and transactions. Two years later, she joined the Wall Street Journal, where she now covers mergers and acquisitions, among other things. Front-page stories include scoops on Halliburton’s $35 billion takeover of Baker Hughes, the merger of Burger King and Tim Horton’s, and the story of a secretive Brazilian billionaire’s firm buying up some of America’s best-loved brands.