I am originally from the great state of Washington, so I was not particularly happy with the way the Super Bowl game ended; but I must go on record as acknowledging that it was the most enjoyable football game I have watched since the last time the Washington State Cougars beat the Washington State Huskies in the Apple Cup.

Why? It was the advertisements! Clearly there are countless individuals who, like me, usually tune into the big game, not for the competition, but for the unveiling of the most expensive, and therefore, hopefully the most clever, ads of the year. But this year the advertisements surprised and delighted me for they were not just clever, they were educational, thought-provoking, and promoted great ideals.

Instead of solely focusing on cold beer, fast cars, curvaceous females and hunky men, the ads addressed the importance of taking care of one another and being better parents, citizens, and stewards of our planet. What a wonderful change in focus!

I am particularly happy because of the huge audience those positive messages reached – an audience full of impressionable young people. In my work as the school counselor at the Academy, I join teachers every day in promoting positive interactions, cooperation, and respect for others and one’s self.  Unfortunately, our society enjoys finding ways of promoting an “us and them” mentality.  In this society, you are cool or you are ridiculed; you are the best or you are just a wanna be; you look as close to the airbrushed photos as possible or you are ugly; and a laugh is worth far more than lifting someone else up.  Kids who are bombarded with these ideals 24/7 are harder to convince that being a caring person of character is more important than being or having the best, or that who you are in your body is far more important and impressive than the dimensions of your body.

So thank you, advertisers, for promoting the truth on Super Bowl Sunday, instead of further advertising the myths…. this blog’s for you!