Harrisburg Academy is one of the founding members of the Capital Area Quiz Bowl League (CAQBL), which has been in existence since 1999.  This year, 15 area schools participated in this academic challenge sport, in which teams of four students compete against teams from other schools in a series of matches, answering questions relating to math, history, science, literature, the arts, global issues and even popular culture and music.   Each CAQBL match includes competition for an A-team round, building toward the league championship which is decided in a winner-take-all final.  B-Team matches are played as well, in order to give all students an opportunity to participate and improve their competitive skills.

This year’s Harrisburg Academy team had a successful and busy season.  We practiced weekly starting in September and played other schools in six regular matches and in the finals on Jan. 27.   All 14 team members competed in matches, on either A or B team and earned valuable CAS hours.  Harrisburg Academy’s strong A team led the league through most of the season, finishing among the top four teams with a loss in the quarterfinals.

Our young but experienced players are looking forward to even more success next year.  We will welcome new members in the fall who are interested in learning to play and who appreciate a sense of camaraderie and a thrilling academic challenge.

*This blog was co-written by former French teacher, Kathleen Brown.