Why Should You Attend Our Spring Gala?

By: Amanda Garner

I am writing today to request your participation in this year’s Spring Fling Gala.  Last year, less than 10% of Academy families came out to the event to support the school and our children’s education.  SO, today, I am providing a heartfelt plea for you to attend this year’s Gala. Here are the top reasons you should buy tickets:


  1. Our teachers and administrators attend this event, and this is one of the ways we, as parents, can show our gratitude for the community they are creating for our kids.
  2. There is live music!  You can practice your dancing skills to impress your kids at a later date!
  3. You can get your game on!  This year’s event features casino games included with your ticket.  So this is your chance to slay blackjack with no guilt!
  4. The silent auction is packed with great prizes!  Win a theme basket, an entertainment package, or your kid’s next birthday party.
  5. Build community with your fellow Academy families.  Get a chance to connect with families from all grades – and hear about the opportunities their kids are taking advantage of.  We got to know an upper school family last year and were excited to cheer on their daughter in this year’s musical!
  6. Get dressed up!  Who doesn’t enjoy an elegant evening with their partner?  A fancy date night is a great opportunity for some romance!
  7. Enjoy cocktails and dinner at the Harrisburg Hilton.  Exceptional food and libations are included with your ticket!
  8. Compete to win.  The live auction is a blast – AND you can win some killer prizes including a premier HA parking spot, sporting event tickets, get-away packages, etc. – all while supporting the educational community that is home to our incredible students!!!!

What do you say?  Can you clear your calendar for April 25th?  Can you find a babysitter?  Won’t you join us at this one-time-a-year community building event to celebrate our educational community – and have fun while you do it?  Are you in?

Here’s a link to buy your tickets: https://one.bidpal.net/haspringfling2020/welcome


Amanda and Ross Garner