Aviv Bliwas ’98, an Academy alumna, is a Pennsylvania lawyer specializing in Medicaid planning and elder law.  After graduating from the Academy, Aviv went on to earn her bachelor’s degree at Tulane University and her law degree from the University of Pittsburgh.  She started her own practice in 2012, after working for a few years in the Chief Counsel’s Office of the Pennsylvania State Treasury.

Learn more about Medicaid planning and elder law in Aviv’s ebook, “Going Broke in a Nursing Home?,” available on her website.

From 1st through 10th grade, the hallways of the Academy were my home.  I knew every teacher and every staff member.  And they, in turn, knew me.  There are a lot of contradictory reports, studies, commentary out there about the benefit of a small classroom education.  Some say it’s great, some say it doesn’t matter.  My own experience leads me to believe that, for my personal situation, it was essential.

I needed that extra attention to keep me motivated and keep me working hard.  The Academy kept me striving for A’s instead of accepting C’s.  The talent of my fellow students kept me challenged and interested instead of bored.  The talented teaching staff found ways to make learning fun and accessible, rather than rote memorization geared toward test-taking instead of real knowledge.  I’ve often thought that, if it weren’t for the solid foundation the Academy gave me, I would not have been set on the path toward academic achievement, graduate school, and now the challenges of entrepreneurship.