Here at Harrisburg Academy, it’s back-to-school time for the faculty, staff, and administration, which means professional development activities, classroom setups, and inter-department meetings to ensure that we are fully prepared and engaged for the upcoming 2013-14 academic year.  To kick off these activities, we watched this TED talk from Ken Robinson titled “How to Escape Education’s Death Valley.”

Ken Robinson is an international advisor on education, providing his expertise to government, non-profit, and educational outlets.  In his talk, Mr. Robinson said “There are principles on which human life flourishes, and they are contradicted by the culture of education under which most teachers have to labor and most students have to endure.”  Watch Mr. Robinson’s talk to find out how many schools, including Harrisburg Academy, work to allow these elements of human nature to grow and evolve.  It’s funny, too!

Click to watch the video.