I am always impressed when I have the opportunity to see Academy students maximizing the education they are receiving.  Watching them make hard decisions, persevere through difficult situations, and collaborate with each other reminds me how important it is to encourage current students to support our school now, while they’re still here and receiving the benefits of an Academy education.

The Class of 2016 has truly embraced the meaning of philanthropy even now as young adults.  They have met with Tom Banks, head of Middle and Upper School, and academic department heads to understand the greatest needs of the school.  They meet once a week and have assigned leadership roles to guide the plan for their senior gift — a new guitar and other instruments for music instruction.  They have also taken on the challenge of doing all of their class gift fundraising outside of the immediate school community.  The mark that they choose to leave on our school will support the needs of many future generations of Academy students.

Over the last two years, I’ve watched each graduating class learn lessons about philanthropy and take them to heart.  They are showing future seniors how to take responsibility for our school and the importance of continuing to support programs that made their time at the Academy special.

The Development and Alumni Relations Office continues to do its part in creating a school-wide culture of philanthropy, including current students.  As an alumnus, I am tremendously proud to see the Class of 2016 embrace philanthropy and make it meaningful to the Academy.