Belief is a strong force. The things and people we believe in guide our entire lives.  It is our belief in others that allows us to form strong relationships with the people around us.  It is the same belief in our role models that allows us to create our own set of guiding principles that we live by every day.  However, sometimes it seems that the most difficult thing to believe in is ourselves.  Many struggle to believe in their own ability to reach a goal or complete a task. It is this inherent doubt that can truly hold a person back from greatness.

But great people always find a way to silence the doubt they find in themselves, and fight back with unceasing positivity and hard work.  Theodore Roosevelt was one such person.  “Teddy” is remembered for being one of the United States’ strongest leaders in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  He was a strong advocate for the creation and preservation of national parks, forests, and monuments.  He played a pivotal role in ending the war between the empires of Russia and Japan in 1906, which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.  Theodore was truly an incredible leader.

Theodore once said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”  I love this quote because it shows the value that this great man placed on his own perseverance.  He believed that he was destined for greatness; he believed that he could change the world; and he did.

I want to teach the students in my classes and the players I coach the exact same thing.  I want these students to know that they need to believe in their own ability to achieve their goals, so I work to motivate every student with whom I interact.  Physical education is a time for students to get some exercise and de-stress.  They learn about teamwork and acquire skills that will help them lead healthy lifestyles.  But, I think most importantly, this class teaches them that they have the tools to meet any challenge and accomplish any goal they put in front of themselves.  If they can only believe in themselves, they’ll already be halfway there!

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