Part 1 of a five-part series about the Academy’s strategic plan

Harrisburg Academy is a small and nimble school community, and we have the opportunity to forge a new direction and achieve significant change within three years.  How much change, you ask?  A lot, if you have the right tools, people, and knowledge in place, and you are working towards a common goal.

We can do so much because we know what’s in the “secret sauce.”  In other words, we know the best methods for teaching and learning, and for the healthy and positive development of children.  We don’t have to take six months or a year, floundering around, trying to figure out what’s best.  We have the advantage of proven expertise, and your students benefit from this.  Our entire focus is on your student, and what’s best for him or her.  Students first!

But the secret sauce, by itself isn’t enough… you need a good burger to finish off the perfect meal.  For that reason, a key goal of Growing the Academy Advantage strategic plan is expanding classroom space across our campus.  We’re “kicking off the barbecue” this summer.  As many of you know, immediately after classes end in June we’ll begin blowing up — OK, renovating — our Middle and Upper School science labs.  In fact, we’re not only increasing the space of each current lab, we’re adding an additional lab!  This means more room for your student to discover and explore, and more chances for ongoing experiments rather than losing time “packing” and “unpacking” them when class is in session.

After we complete the science renovations, we then plan to add new space for music education.  Opportunities available in our music program continue to expand.  Our students love to perform on stage… and if they so choose, they have the opportunity to sing, play, act, and produce during 15 full years of their Academy education.  More space even still, will allow more opportunity for practice and performance, impacting more students.

And we aren’t stopping there!  Our Board of Trustees spent 18 months reviewing a facilities master plan that will eventually change nearly every corner of our school.  That won’t happen in three years, but our eyes are on plenty of capital improvements in the future.  More delicious “food” awaits you as we move forward… and we hope you’re excited for this picnic of all picnics.