Harrisburg Academy’s BrainBusters team is just getting warmed up!  Be sure to tune in to WGAL this Saturday, Jan. 24 at 12:30 p.m., to see our, now famous, BrainBusters team compete against Lancaster Catholic.  The team, Jini G. ‘15, Ilija M. ‘15, Alexander Z. ’15, and Matthew R. ‘16, supported by alternate Brian C. ’15, continue to represent our school incredibly well in the public spotlight.

The questions, presented by host Rich Rosen, tests students’ knowledge in a wide range of topics. But being well prepared as a result of their Academy education and a general personal quest for knowledge is not the only ingredient for success.  Speed, strategy, and teamwork are essential to the game; our team, having been working together for a number of years, has all the “right stuff.”

Those of you who may be groupies of the Academy’s BrainBusters team know that last year’s season was a storm of emotional highs and lows.  With about 50 local high school teams selected to participate in the sudden death bracket competition, the Academy team earned their place in the final match–Manheim Township versus Harrisburg Academy at the Whitaker Center.  Although a well-fought match, in the end we were defeated by 5 points in the last seconds of the game.  Not to be kept down, this year’s team is coming back strong!

The team has currently advanced to the third round–the show being broadcast this Saturday is the tape of the second round.  Additional interesting news is that the “powerhouse” Manheim team from last year’s final match lost in the first round to Elizabethtown this year.

If you want to become a groupie of our famously friendly and talented team, feel free to join us in the WGAL studio audience.  Our next taping is on Wednesday, Feb. 18.  For specific times and directions, please feel free to contact me.  I never miss a taping, so I’ll see you there!