As you walk down the Lower School hallway toward the Early Childhood wing, propelled by a rhythmic “Boom… Boom… Boom” and squeals of laughter, you gaze into the 2nd grade classroom… “What? This is unbelievable!  The 2nd graders and Ms. McIver are all lying down?”  You continue down the hall, shaking your head… “What has happened to Harrisburg Academy?”  Quickly, you arrive at the Kindergarten classrooms, peer into Miss Ballard’s window and… “What?  They are all dancing around like… Minions… waving their hands above their heads!” Inconceivable!

No worries!  Those Kindergarten students and 2nd graders are taking a “brain break”. Studies have shown that short bursts of physical activity (3-5 minutes), throughout the academic day, allow children to focus, and concentrate on cognitive skills.  Physical activities also encourage positive attitudes, positive academic behaviors, and positive academic achievements.

So, when you see my class lying down… join them!  They are strengthening their physical core to combat the “Common Core”!  If Miss Ballard’s class is dancing to Despicable Me… throw open the door and yell, “I am having a bad, bad day…” to ensure you have a super, super day!  Even better, join our classes when they meet together as Reading Buddies; the classroom bursts with energy, making it the best place for children to learn.