Alumni play an important part in the educational process of our youth, and Harrisburg Academy is actively working toward growing our alumni involvement.  Often, alumni support is viewed as providing only a financial contribution in the form of the Academy Fund.  While it is important for alumni to contribute their “treasure,” it is also just as important for alumni to give back with their time and talent.

Over the last year, the Development and Alumni Office has worked to implement a number of ways for our alumni to engage and give back other than with monetary contributions.  We hosted the first Distinguished Leaders in Residence (DLR) program, giving alumni the opportunity to interact directly with our current students on campus.  We were honored to host David Brason ’74, Lewis Lehrman ’56, and Jeffrey Morrison ’88, who shared with our students on topics in their respective areas of expertise.  In addition, several alumni accepted our invitation to return as guest speakers in middle and upper school classes.  Academy students enjoy these interactions, and the opportunity to see successful alumni, who sat in the very same seats when they were at the Academy.

“I like hearing their experiences in the things that we’re learning about in school,” said Kate C. ‘20.  “I like that it is their point of view instead of a textbook point of view.”

As the Academy dives into its 230th academic year, we are looking forward to strengthening the connection between alumni and current students of Harrisburg Academy.  We are excited to again host our Alumni Achievement Awards and Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, and this year we are inviting current Middle and Upper School students to hear about the notable accomplishments of Academy graduates.  In addition, we will host the 2nd Annual DLR program and seek to pair graduating seniors with alumni to complete their senior internship.  All of these alumni engagement opportunities add up to a healthy and vibrant alumni relations program, now and in the future.

Are you an Academy alum?  Have a talent to share?  Be in touch!