Building Character: Kindness

During the month of December, the HATS (Harrisburg Academy Threes / preschool) students took time to consider what it means to be kind. One of the students’ favorite activities was creating cards and gifts for their families. They also enjoyed putting beans in a “Kindness Jar” whenever they were “caught” remembering to be kind. A few acts of kindness observed last month included picking up dropped items for classmates, sharing toys, working together to build with blocks, and offering to hold doors open for the class line.

As we focused on kindness, we also revisited our character trait, “Cooperative,” and made a connection between the two traits.  As the pictures here show, the children have demonstrated these traits not only in December but throughout the academic year.

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Ellie D. ’32 puts a pine cone in the bag of Rory L. ’32 during our fall walk.

Kaia C. ’32 and Liam K. ’32 work together to build a house with blocks.

Eric R. ’32 and Sebby S. ’32 help to clean up the fire trucks.