The Cambridge University American Stage Tour (CAST) swept once more into the hearts of the Harrisburg Academy community when they arrived on Sept. 10. Greeted by our ever-appreciated host families, they rested that evening to prepare for a whirlwind of workshops on the 11th. Dozens of Lower School children gathered in Louis Lehrman Gymnasium to recreate the storm at the center of this year’s production, “The Tempest.” Mrs. Haywood’s Middle School drama program was treated to a workshop on character interpretation through physical movement, while some Upper School students explored how gender and power can be conveyed through acting choices.

Wednesday, Sept. 12, was the highlight, as all Upper School students were given the opportunity to take a workshop in preparation for the performance of “The Tempest” that evening. McCormick Auditorium was hot and humid as a real-life tempest (called Florence) approached the East Coast, but the audience and performers were willing and ready. With only a spare stage, a few props, the language of Shakespeare, some flashes of lightning and music, and some wonder-inspiring acting, CAST brought us a truly memorable performance.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on,” indeed.

Many, many thanks to the Spahr, Haywood, Weber, Grapes, Smith, Phillips, Shuman, Yerger/Cunningham, and Witwer families for hosting, without whom the show couldn’t go on!

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