Have you ever been to a book tasting?  The 2nd grade students experienced a book tasting earlier this month. After completing unit one, Second Grade Reading Growth Spurt, of the Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Reading, we were ready to celebrate how much we have grown as readers.  During this unit we explored three main concepts:  readers grow like beanstalks; when words are tricky, roll up your sleeves; and authors have intentions, so pay attention.

For the 2nd grade book tasting, each student selected their favorite book from their school reading log, and our classroom was transformed into a reading cafe complete with music and a fire (on the Smartboard).  Each student sat in a seat at a table with a menu to choose a book for an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert.  The students previewed each book they selected by looking at the book cover, reading a few pages and looking for interesting words.  Through this reading celebration, the second graders have discovered new books that they want to add to their reading lists.  Up next… we are ready to grow as readers as we begin exploring non-fiction books.

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