I never cease to be amazed at Harrisburg Academy’s students; young and old alike, they open my mind and teach me something new practically every day.  I am especially in tune with these fantastic young people when telling their stories in the Academy’s biannual NewsMagazine, and this upcoming edition is no different.

One of the featured sections you’ll enjoy when the magazine hits your mailboxes mid-June is a new spin on an old favorite — our college acceptances list.  Instead of just giving you a list of names, schools, and majors for our graduating seniors, we wanted to take this further.  We realize that a flat list is just that — flat, and quite frankly, boring.  The true interest comes in the form of the stories of our students and the whys behind how they came to making these very important life decisions.  The Communications Office is in the process of gathering student stories and outcomes to share with the world, and they are nothing short of amazing.  I can’t wait to get this material in your hands!

While the magazine will only feature a handful of these student profiles, our new website (launching mid-summer) will include the entire collection.  These stories will be displayed prominently so all can see see how proud we are of our Class of 2013 and the culmination of their personalized college counseling experience at the Academy.

Have I piqued your interest enough that you might like a sneak peak?  Thought so!  Here’s the story of Alex H. …

 Alexandria H. will attend Judson College in Alabama in the fall; she has accepted a 25-percent Athletics Scholarship to play soccer at the school.  Combined with an additional 25-percent Academic Scholarship, half of Alex’s four-year college education costs will be covered. 

 Although a small, private school that might not be familiar to classmates here in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Judson has a rich 175-year history.  For one, it was listed among the “Top 20 Best National Liberal Arts Colleges 2011” in U.S. News & World Report for its “thoroughly engaging academic program.”  Judson’s soccer team is demonstrating its own success.  Although only five years old, the team has advanced to the USCAA National Playoffs every year, finishing in the top 15 of 45 competing schools in three out of four years.  Alex is the first student from outside of the Southeast being recruited for soccer.

Alex’s experience is yet another example of the value of Harrisburg Academy’s personal college counseling program — and there is more to her story.  Alex wants to major in equestrian studies and business, and Judson offers reputable programs in both.  There are few equestrian studies programs offered in the United States, and Judson’s program is strong enough to be noted in Rugg’s Recommendations (a consumer reports guide used to evaluate college academic departments and recognize the best).  Students majoring in equestrian studies at Judson go on to secure major internships with organizations like Churchill Downs, Inc., organizer and host of the Kentucky Derby.   

Because of Alex’s hard work and the knowledge and expertise of our college counselor and the Upper School faculty, Alex and Judson connected — and it is a perfect fit all around.