Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2016!  I am honored to have had the opportunity to share many amazing memories with you.  Your class is truly special.  I first got to know many of you during the annual college trip your junior year, and from there, I loved learning about your career interests and future goals.  It has been an honor sharing my own memories of the Academy with you all.

As you move forward to take your next steps, I’d like you to pause.  Reflect on the education you have received here, what it means to you, and all that you’ve learned as a student and role model.  Take this education that you received and put it to good use in your further studies and in your communities.  As you move forward, strive every day to be a mentor, a friend, and a motivator.  Be a leader that others turn to and an advocate for those without a voice.  And in a world where there are so many who are climbing over others just to reach the top, be the one who will raise others up, higher than they thought they could reach on their own.  That is what it means to be an alumnus of Harrisburg Academy.

It gives me great pride to welcome you to the ranks of alumni of our distinguished school. You will always have a strong network of friends who are here to help.  And I will always be here to do whatever I can for you.  Thank you for making each day full of laughs!