Last week, Michael Boudewyns, a wonderful storyteller/actor, performed for our Early Childhood and Lower School students here at school.  Although our guest was spectacular, performances like his are not unique and happen all of the time in schools across the country.  What was unique about this circumstance — and proves time and again to be a valuable advantage for smaller school communities like Harrisburg Academy — was its logistics.

First, we heard about the opportunity to have this performer come to the school through a former parent who is affiliated with the Harrisburg Symphony.  Boudewyns was scheduled to perform with the symphony later in the month and had asked the group to facilitate opportunities to perform in local schools, both to promote the symphony event and to give back to the local community.  The former parent suggested the Academy as a performance location and catalyzed getting this wonderful, free event in front of our students.  Clearly connections help!

The second unique aspect of this event was our school’s ability to adjust multiple schedules to accommodate it … especially on less than a day’s notice!  As head of the program, I received a call from the former parent around noon on Wednesday, queried the teachers as to an appropriate time for the performance and their availability on Thursday, arranged the use of McCormick Auditorium, confirmed the time and place that afternoon with the symphony, and was able to enjoy Michael’s stellar performance with almost 200 Early Childhood and Lower School students at 10 a.m. on Thursday morning.   Not many schools can affect such adaption on such short notice!   Flexibility can and does clearly enhance school experiences, and we, at the Academy, enjoy having this luxury.