At Harrisburg Academy, education of the “whole child” is our number one priority — and not just for the faculty, staff and administration, but our parents, students, and alumni, as well. 

Every family enrolled at the Academy prioritizes education and recognizes the value of the Academy experience.  

We set the standard for academic excellence in Southcentral Pennsylvania, and we proudly present this series featuring the Advantages of an Academy experience.

College-Bound Peer Group

All students at the Academy know they, like their peers, are college-bound.  In fact, 100 percent of students are admitted to four-year colleges & universities and 60 percent of students are admitted to top-tier, highly competitive schools – a standout achievement in this hyper-competitive age for admission to our nation’s top colleges and universities.  Even the youngest students benefit from this peer-group because we share one campus for all 15 grades, preschool through graduating seniors.  As parents, it’s nearly impossible to choose your child’s friends, but in this case, it’s easy to choose their peers.

Why do families choose the Academy?  For so many more reasons than just those listed here.  Our focus on character, experience, and outcomes will provide your child the advantages necessary to succeed at school, in college, and in life.  Contact the Admission Office at to learn more.