At Harrisburg Academy, education of the “whole child” is our number one priority — and not just for the faculty, staff and administration, but our parents, students, and alumni, as well. 

Every family enrolled at the Academy prioritizes education and recognizes the value of the Academy experience.

We set the standard for academic excellence in Southcentral Pennsylvania, and we proudly present this series featuring the Advantages of an Academy experience.

Exceptional Experiences

At the Academy, our students work with highly committed faculty who guide them through this adventure we call learning.  Active learning is part of the curriculum in each division – whether it’s the Centers for Experiential Learning & Innovation in the Upper School, watershed chemistry projects in the Middle School, or the biographical “wax museum” project in Lower School.  But the experiences don’t end when class is over!  Our athletics program, for example, fosters the development of character, lifetime wellness skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, and a sense of fairness and respect.  At the Academy, student-athletes compete together toward a common purpose and collective sense of achievement, while pursuing success at the highest level.

Why do families choose the Academy?  For so many more reasons than just those listed here.  Our focus on character, experience, and outcomes will provide your child the advantages necessary to succeed at school, in college, and in life.  Contact the Admission Office at to learn more.