At Harrisburg Academy, education of the “whole child” is our number one priority — and not just for the faculty, staff and administration, but our parents, students, and alumni, as well. 

Every family enrolled at the Academy prioritizes education and recognizes the value of the Academy experience.  

We set the standard for academic excellence in Southcentral Pennsylvania, and we proudly present this series featuring the Advantages of an Academy experience.

Real College Counseling

College counseling isn’t just a buzzword to be thrown around.  At the Academy, we begin this process in 8th grade where students meet with the college counselor and take an overnight trip and visit two college campuses – just like high school students in other schools would do.  The Academy is unlike many high schools that have college counseling managed by their guidance/school counselor; those staff have other priorities, and college counseling is a process where students must often fend for themselves.  At the Academy, college counseling receives singular focus from a dedicated counselor.

At Harrisburg Academy, college counseling is another vital part of each student’s learning journey and part of our commitment to individual attention to our students and their families.  By separating out those types of duties, Harrisburg Academy gives college counseling a separate staff and the focused dedication that it requires.  The Academy’s college counseling program is a comprehensive plan that provides the pieces to the puzzle – coursework, “fit”, financial – and the keys to successfully completing the college application and enrollment process.

Why do families choose the Academy?  For so many more reasons than just those listed here.  Our focus on character, experience, and outcomes will provide your child the advantages necessary to succeed at school, in college, and in life.  Contact the Admission Office at to learn more.