Is diversity valued at the Academy?

“I truly feel that the students at the Academy see themselves as a community of learners – as friends. That is simply something I don’t see in other schools. I commend the Academy for its efforts in supporting and facilitating this among its students.”

Independent schools such as the Academy maintain diverse and vibrant student communities and welcome and respect each family. In target with ongoing diversity goals at Harrisburg Academy, the 2014-15 enrollment included ethnic diversity or international citizenship within nearly 40 percent of our student body.

The school community further includes an international component; since 1989, over 150 students from two dozen countries have studied at the Academy, representing such diverse cultures and nationalities as Brazil, China, Germany, Israel, Korea, Poland, and Spain. Couple our diverse population with such programs and activities as Learning Links, Community Service Day, Diversity Club, and The International Fair, and you can see we not only value diversity but actively encourage our students to seek out opportunities to expose the community as a whole to a variety of cultures and peoples.

The International Baccalaureate Program is a wonderful complement – academically and culturally – for our students, as it works to create a better world through education. The Academy also strives for a socioeconomically diverse school community, and each year we provide need-based financial aid to over 30 percent of students enrolled, committing an annual budget of over $1.2 million towards this important effort.

“From a personal standpoint, I want to let you know about the level of diversity awareness my son has shown this year in particular. He not only is aware of the various cultural and religious celebrations his friends value, but he also can tell you in detail what they are and the significance behind them. His range of friends is something that is just a marvel to me. His understanding and acceptance of all people is something that will serve him well in his personal and professional life.”

“Economic diversity is also valued at the Academy and supported by generous donors who provide funds for merit scholarships and need-based financial aid. Were it not for the generosity of the donors who support the Academy, it would not have been possible for my son to complete his education here. For the availability of the scholarships to help supplement our educational costs, we are very grateful.”

“As a professor who teaches about and researches in other countries, I understand the value of global education. Harrisburg Academy’s emphasis, from Early Childhood through Upper School, on languages, customs, history, and art of other countries is essential for children in the 21st century. Harrisburg Academy fosters understanding and provides outlets for exploration – be it in language, history, and literature classes as well as in art and music and coursework throughout the curriculum.”

Please join us for International Night, a celebration of our diverse community, on Friday, May 13.  RSVPs requested.