December 5-11, 2016 is Hour of Code Week (

This year, #HourOfCode will bring coding to the Lower School computer and technology lab in Kindergarten through 5th grade classes.  Yes — even pre-readers can learn to code!  Sequencing, problem solving, and critical thinking skills can all be taught without devices, mouse or keyboarding mastery.  Using techniques like “blocking” in code language is very much like putting a puzzle together.  Following algorithm instructions in programming is similar to reading a map.  Binary basics can be taught using beads and a bracelet.  Coding doesn’t have to be intimidating!

Starting with our youngest students gives us the opportunity to inspire lifelong learning in technology.  With over 172 activities available this year, every student will have an opportunity to find a coding program that interests and excites him or her personally.  Yes, the favorite programs of students are expected: Minecraft, StarWars, Frozen, Ice Age, Angry Birds, and Flappy Birds.  This year Moana, Hot Wheels, and LEGO have joined the movement.

Support from major corporations (Microsoft, Google, Expedia, Infosys, AT&T) as well as superstars (Mark Cuban, Chris Bosh, Ashton Kutcher, Macklemore) and otherwise famous people (Mark Zuckerberg, Shakira, President Obama); over 180 countries participated in 2015; programs available in 45-plus different languages — this all reinforces Harrisburg Academy’s philosophy in exploring global perspective and awareness.  Let’s not stop at Hour of Code — “Going beyond an hour” is the website’s year-round tutorial programming that continues coding awareness and experience!  Please encourage your child to continue the lessons he or she has learned this week

*Hadi and Ali Partovi have promoted their website,, as a direct learning link to the science of code since 2013.  All of the resources at will be free for a lifetime as a public use, non-profit, open source project.  At Harrisburg Academy, coding has been part of extracurricular and classroom activities for years. enhances the Core Values and exceptional experience that we have to offer within our technology curriculum.

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