Prior to teaching at Harrisburg Academy, I taught in the exciting city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I taught at an International School, where the student body was comprised of 19 nationalities in a class of just 22 children. It was very interesting and challenging to teach this incredible mix of students. The diversity in culture and background made this a phenomenally enriching experience very early in my teaching career. Commencement of each academic year brought the excitement of new and unique students coming from different parts of the world to start new beginnings and embrace one common path to learning and growing.

From Dubai we moved to Toronto, Canada, where I taught at a private school downtown. This was yet another rewarding experience for me. The class sizes were small, and I had the opportunity to tailor individualized learning programs to the students. Prior to Harrisburg Academy, I was teaching at a private school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Teaching at Harrisburg Academy has deeply enriched my life. My time here started with teaching 5th grade world geography as a part-time teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed that experience! The class size was perfect, and I was able to reach out to each and every one of my students. They were eager to learn and most of them are still here, with the same burning desire to learn and continue their education at good colleges.

The teachers here at the Academy are so wonderful and helpful. I find this refreshing and, frankly, unique when compared to other schools. From my past experience, teaching staff has been largely courteous but didn’t go the extra mile to help out a new teacher. These were all very good reasons for me to start teaching science full-time in the Middle School. Needless to say, my degree in physics and math, along with a master’s degree in linguistics (psycho-neuro linguistics), makes teaching science fun!

Teaching here at the Academy is very satisfying and rewarding. I am able to implement all of my past experience, be creative and make my own plans for the curriculum. Teaching the students ‘how to learn’ and to have fun while learning is the most important process, in my opinion.

Currently, Mrs. Shrikantia teaches 6th and 7th grade science at the Academy.

A Successful Middle School Science Fair

On Jan. 24, our Middle School students, 5th-8th grades, were proud to display their science fair projects for fellow students, faculty, and parents. Each student invested much time and effort in applying the scientific process to their own independent research. There is no better way for students to understand this process than through personal experience!

The projects spanned a wide range of subjects, from mathematics and technology, to medicine and animal studies, to ecology and psychology. A few of the audience favorites were “Speed of Pi,” “Death of an Orange,” and “Impact of Gender, Age, and Physical Fitness on Lung Capacity.” The Grand Champion was a project presented by Andrew M. ’18, titled “Does RediSafe Really Work: Measuring Cell Phone Radiation.” Andrew and 10 of his fellow 7th and 8th grader classmates will move on to the next level of competition, the Capital Area Science & Engineering Fair (CASEF), held at the Whitaker Center in March. We wish them the best of luck!