Harrisburg Academy is pleased to announce that 15 students have passed their Technician Class Amateur Radio License exam.  They can now use their Federal Communications Commission (FCC) call signs on the airwaves to contact other licensed amateur, or “ham,” radio operators around the Earth, as well as the astronauts on the International Space Station.

The students’ physics course contains eight chapters of studying: waves, light, electrostatics, fields and potential, current, circuits, magnetism, and electromagnetic induction.  As their physics teacher (also known as N3JQ on the airwaves!), I am careful to insert the chapter-appropriate portions of the FCC radio license material throughout the 45 school days studying these chapters.  This helps to educate our students adequately for succeeding with the license exam.  On Wednesday, April 26, six volunteer examiners (VEs) from the FCC came to Harrisburg Academy to administer the test.  The students were well-prepared, with one student even attaining a perfect score!  Student may now borrow hand-held transceivers to communicate with other licensed operators across the world.

These additional 15 ham radio licenses brings the N3HAC (Harrisburg Academy Amateur Radio Club) two-year total to 28 students (15 girls, 13 boys) licensed along with me.  Twenty-five of these students are still enrolled in the Academy’s Upper School while three have graduated.

Any person of any age may take the test to obtain an amateur radio license.  Some of the Middle School Ham Radio Club members are actively studying by using the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Study Guide.  Every serious college or university has an amateur radio club.  Our students are sure to meet up with these similarly well-focused students after they graduate from our school.  Our licensed students could use the obvious technical components of ham radio to fit into their potential STEM major, and/or use the fundamental precept from Part 97 of the FCC rules for “continuation and extension of the amateur’s unique ability to enhance international goodwill” by making a friend in a far off land.  Either way, these students will spread the good word about Harrisburg Academy worldwide and into outer space!

Interested in connecting with our students on your own ham radio?  Click to download a list of N3HAC member call signs.

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