In Junior Kindergarten, our Artist of the Week lessons are some of the most enjoyable that we cover with our students.  And last week, we were reminded about the importance of these lessons, and art curriculum in general, as students travel through Early Childhood (EC) and into Lower School (LS).  As we were excitedly preparing our upcoming Artist of the Week projects on Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams, and disassembling our Matisse and Klee projects, we had a visit from Lucille Oberman – an amazing woman (and retired teacher) who volunteers her time with our EC/LS students. While we were finishing up, she sat down and very enthusiastically expressed that she had just come from talking with the 3rd grade students and had exciting news from their discussion.

In her hands, she had a stack of art work, which she had procured from a local library.  Her lesson for the day was sharing these pieces of art with the 3rd graders.  As she went through the pieces, she was amazed by how well the students recalled the artists and their famous pieces of work.  They remembered stories of the artists they researched (with us!) in Junior Kindergarten.  She could barely contain her excitement at what these 3rd graders remembered from what they learned five years ago.

This was definitely one of those “proud teacher moments” for us.  We know that we do play a role in the long-term achievements of these life-long learners.  As a JK team with Gretchen Qualls and Debbie Addams, we can only hope that we are building strong, confident, and respectful students that are prepared for not only their next academic year in Kindergarten, but for all their future years of learning.  Our goal is to send them off to into the world where they will become great writers, painters, doctors … whatever they chose, but always our hope is that they enjoyed their time in Junior Kindergarten and they leave us with meaningful moments to carry with them.  A big thank you to Mrs. Oberman for reminding us just how important those early years are.