Getting Hands-on in HATS!

The Academy’s HATS students have spent the past few months looking for signs of fall and discussing the many ways families observe the season. With the first day of winter upon us, here are a few snapshots to show how we’ve been celebrating fall in our class!

We made a scarecrow! The whole class worked together to stuff and dress him.

We studied our leaves and seasonal gourds at the sensory table in class. We also cut open a pumpkin and discovered what’s inside — we spent a messy day scooping out pumpkin seeds!

Even snack time was fall themed — this day’s snack was spooky spiders. Sometimes it’s fun to play with food!

And a favorite tradition — the HATS students went on their annual Boo Parade! This year’s ghosts particularly liked haunting the school.

We’re looking forward to celebrating more winter traditions in the new year!

*This blog was co-written by HATS teacher, Kelly Seely, and assistant HATS teacher, Sandy Iwan.