Harrisburg Academy is such a special place; here I have the opportunity to work alongside faculty that are truly world class, devoted to teaching, encouraging the “whole child,” and connecting with our students well beyond the classroom.  Our faculty members have advanced degrees and are great teachers, but are also musicians, poets, economists, artists, environmentalists, chefs, mathematicians, and sports competitors.  Not only do our students benefit from this group of varied individuals, but also other faculty, administrators, and community members who have the opportunity to interact with them.  Faculty experiences enrich the lives of our students by giving testimony in learning, creating a classroom environment that brings together traditional textbook academics and real-life experiences.

Our faculty is consistently exposing our students to contemporary global issues and leading them into discussions and solutions on how we can bring to life what we learn.  This environment encourages students – whether they are 4 or 14 – to understand their place in society and the impact that we can make in the world.  We live and learn in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but our impact is so much greater.  We are a global society today more than ever, and not just because of the internet, but because of our understanding of world issues and social responsibility.  The commitment from our faculty is to help develop citizens of the world who understand responsibility and empathy.

It is one thing to hear words like global citizen, global perspective, global understanding, and global responsibility.  But it is one of the many advantages of an Academy education that students are able to witness first-hand, from faculty members, those issues facing our global community.  Some have traveled to Japan and faced the devastation of a tsunami, and some have witnessed the lack of potable drinking water in countries as near to our borders as Haiti.  Our students are gaining an awareness of humanitarian issues and problems around the world, and are developing a passion to help solve them.

Our student body is also reflective of our world; during the last 10 years, more than 40 international students have studied at the Academy from countries including Brazil, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, Poland, South Korea, and Taiwan.  This is a witness to an increasingly interconnected world, in which students can explore many varied cultures and perspectives.  Because the Academy’s faculty is truly “global” in thought and education, the experiences of our students, and teaching and learning at the Academy is all the better.