The Varsity Girls’ Basketball team held a seven point lead with seventeen seconds left on the clock — it’s when I knew that all the “blood, sweat and tears” were finally going to pay off.  I looked up at head coach, Mary Toth, and said “We are going to win a district game!”  It would only be the second PIAA District 3 win in Academy history for the Varsity Girls’ Basketball team.

In order to understand the importance of the victory, we need to take a trip back to the Middle School Girls’ Basketball 2011-12 season.  On that Middle School team in 2011 are now four current starters of the Varsity team.  The groundwork for building a successful program started then, with winning the Central Pennsylvania Basketball League (CPBL) championship in 2011.  All those players started to understand the hard work it took in order to achieve team goals.  They also started to have the desire to become better basketball players.  For the most part, I have had the privilege of coaching the same group of young women since they were in Middle School. Seeing their growth and maturity throughout the years has meant a great deal.  As I was coaching them in Middle School, I hoped and dreamed they would have this kind of success.

Even though it’s a lengthy process, programs are built from the bottom to the top.  It takes hard work from players and coaches to make this kind of success happen.  When the clock hit zero, we knew how huge this victory was for our program.  Looking at our players celebrate reminded me of how huge they thought their Middle School championships were at the time.  I knew they were destined for something greater at the Varsity level.  The best feeling is the fact that the journey isn’t over.  Waiting is the hardest part, but for those who do, good things will come.