At the Oscars, the presenters and winners always remind us how much of an impact movies have on our lives – how they bring out our emotions and awareness, calm us or scare us.  Movies are two hours of entertainment shared by so many people.

In the Upper School, we host “Movie Night.” Originally, it was a way for the students to come together at the end of the year and watch a “classic” – films that most students have heard of and many have seen on their TVs, but few have experienced on the big screen – “Rebel without a Cause,” “GhostBusters,” or “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” (Yes, these are classics to our kids.)  By request of students, we now show films more frequently – but still focusing on iconic films.  It is a way for students with varied interests and backgrounds to come together and enjoy (or maybe not) a film.

The chaperones have watched students sing along with Mulan as she trains in the Chinese army, get chatty with each other as the next shark attack looms off the shore of Amity Island, get a little choked up when Goose crashes into the ocean, laugh when the principal tries to catch Ferris on his day off, squirm in their seats as Norman Bates’ “mother” attacks Marion Crane, groan as weatherman Phil keeps living February 2 over and over, hide their eyes as the birds slowly invade Bodega Bay, California, and stare in disbelief as Rick lets Ilsa leave Casa Blanca.

Whether they love it or not, most students leave asking when the next Movie Night will happen, and always have suggestions for films they want to see. Where else can we have Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and Woody and Buzz in the same conversation?!