by guest blogger Beth Zak, Development Office coordinator

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  –Theodore Roosevelt

Today is National Philanthropy Day and to celebrate, I enlisted Harrisburg Academy’s Kindergarten classes to help me mark this day for our community.  Click here to watch their inspiring video.

Today is set aside, across the country, to recognize contributions that make our lives, our communities, and our world a meaningful place.  I knew our Early Childhood students would have great stories to share with me, and I was excited to learn from them.  The Kindergarten character trait is generous, and while our students know that helping others is important, it was inspiring to hear how they personally help their classmates, teachers, and families each day.  While they may not know the exact meaning of the word “generous,” when asked how it made them feel to help others, they all quickly responded with “happy” — a very simple feeling, but one that links people together and builds a strong sense of community.

It’s hard for children to know the importance of helping others without some input from their teachers, parents, and grandparents.  It is important to pass down to our children the need to connect with others and the desire to see a better world.  And when a child learns the importance of these important traits, he or she can become a “firecracker” and make a real difference in our world.  I was touched when the Kindergarten students thanked me, sang a special song, and even did a cheer to celebrate.

Working in the Development Office, I see firsthand how the generosity of so many individuals ensures that the Academy succeeds.  Our parents, faculty, and community members’ contributions make a powerful difference, and their commitment to our school helps our students achieve their dreams.

Let’s all give a nod to our Kindergarten students and help make someone happy in honor of National Philanthropy Day!  Click here to give or contact Beth Zak in the Development Office.