When the discussions first began on whether we should participate in Hour of Code, my first thought was “I have never done computer programming, so how am I going to teach it to my students.” I was apprehensive until I dove into the coding materials available for students and realized how student-friendly it actually was. Nothing prepared me for how much fun we would have and how much learning would take place! Watching first grade students program their own game was an amazing and heartwarming experience. Their excitement and enthusiasm made the hour fly by! 5th graders were introduced to coding at the beginning of class and by the end they were paired with a 3rd grader, teaching their younger peers how to code.

Lower School and 5th grade students enjoyed coding so much that I will continue to offer opportunities to code in the classroom.  Coding was a huge hit with our students and they couldn’t believe that they were actually telling the computer what to do. One 2nd grade student summed it up quite well: “this is epic!” I was most impressed by the number of students who took the initiative to extend the hour of code and continue the learning process all on their own. I am proud that our students were able to be part of such an innovative and educational experience and I look forward to the continued coding journey with our students.