IB Coordinator’s Corner: Senior Reflections

By: Maureen Smith


In my role as IB DP Coordinator I have the privilege of interacting with our seniors as they navigate the end of their IB experience. Recently, I gave them an informal survey asking about the IB Learner Profile.

I wanted to know in which areas they felt IB had helped them grow and some examples of their experiences with the learner profile in IB classwork and in the IB DP core. Below are some examples of what they had to say. It makes me proud to work with these thoughtful young people and the teachers who guide them through this process:


“The IB system as a whole helped me think more and manage my time for different subjects.”

“The fact that we could openly talk whatever we learning or doing made me get excited about school and sustained my love of learning.”

“My IA is by far the most complicated project I’ve ever done.”

“The more I was given group projects the easier it was for me to learn how to communicate.”

“In order to understand everything in class, I had to ask my teacher for help frequently, which developed my skill as a communicator.”

“I learned that through the reflections, I created more quality work.”

“Open discussion helped me be a risk taker by voicing my ideas.”

“The class work load also helped because it made me balance extracurriculars and free time along with the necessary work.”

“I feel a lot more confident reading the textbook knowing that if I don’t get it right away, I still can use my skills I’ve inquired during class time.”

“I hadn’t thought much about trying new things, but CAS forced me to branch out in my activities. I most definitely grew more hobbies in different genres.”

“CAS has helped me grow as a risk-taker because it has encouraged me to try new things and branch outside my comfort zone.”

“…[TOK] thrusted me into the messy middle, forcing me to embrace it for what it is worth. I have realized that the messy middle I despised is actually the epitome of most of life’s experiences.”

“Discussions in TOK classes have taught me take a step back during a discussion and challenge my initial thought or belief.”