By Grace Lightner, Early Childhood parent (of Leilani ’24), Guest Blogger

In the first few conversations we had with teachers and faculty at Harrisburg Academy, my husband and I could see how sincerely passionate they were about what they do every day.  The pride they had about the Academy was undeniable.  Their commitment and attitude brought out a level of excitement in us that we were not quite expecting – and one that made the decision to enroll our daughter an easy one.

Being an Academy parent for the past two school years has shown us just where this passion comes from.  Harrisburg Academy is not just a school that provides quality education, it is also an inspiring community of teachers, staff, students, parents, and administrators that all care deeply about independent education and the well-being of their students.  In just these two short years, our daughter has flourished in ways we never would have imagined.  She reads amazingly well, teaches us Spanish, shares her art projects, and can play the violin.  But most importantly she loves her school, her teachers and she loves learning.  Now, and with no effort whatsoever, whenever we have an opportunity to tell someone about Harrisburg Academy, we do it with the same sincere passion and excitement that initially drew us into this amazing community.

In thinking about what we love most about Harrisburg Academy, it has to be the teachers.  Most have worked there for many years and yet the passion for creating an interesting learning experience for the students (and parents too!) burns as intensely as if it were ignited just months ago.  I have had the joy of witnessing her teachers in action on multiple occasions and I am continually amazed at how much energy they have and how naturally they make learning new things so exciting to their students.  The teachers encourage kindness, awareness, leadership, curiosity, responsibility and respect – all the while teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic! It is such a great feeling to have 110% trust in the teachers and to hear the same level of admiration and trust directly from our daughter when she talks about them.

I cannot imagine an educational community that is a better fit for our goals, for our daughter, and for her education than Harrisburg Academy.