I’ve written before about my affinity for customs and traditions and their importance. They are an integral part of who we are and where we’ve come from, helping us pass on to next generations our values and beliefs. As a world language educator, I love sharing the traditions of my Latin culture, but enjoy even more those events that allow me to learn about other cultures.

That is why for the last six years I have attended another cherished tradition here at Harrisburg Academy, the annual International Night held each May. We are fortunate to have such a diverse community of families, students, faculty, and staff, and on this one night we all come together to share and celebrate our cultures. From the first event held until the present, I have enjoyed this wonderful celebration of our school’s diversity. For starters, tables are set up in the gymnasium, beautifully decorated, each representing a country and a food to be sampled. The dishes are labeled with a list of ingredients and a brief description of the tasty treats. The food is always spectacular and abundant. Lively, engaging conversations are going on all about the room as we learn more about each other and the countries we or our ancestors left behind.

Some of our families or students come dressed in their native dress and some come ready to present a dance, song or even a poem. After having sampled an array of hot foods and sweet desserts, we move into the auditorium for a variety show put on by students and parents. The music is varied, as is the costuming, as we see and hear both traditional folklore and modern dance alongside other types of performances showcasing a country or culture. On occasion, we have even seen the parade of flags from the countries represented at the event! It is a night not to be missed, so be sure to plan to attend this year’s 7th Annual International Night tomorrow night (May 11, 2018) from 5-7 p.m.

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