By Riz Soulliard, Varsity Boys’ Tennis and Varsity Girls’ Tennis Head Coach

This year’s Varsity Boys’ Tennis team is made up of a wonderful group of players.  In addition to a number of returning players, the team hosts three first-time players and a one-year international student from Spain.

It’s always wonderful to see a combination of new and returning players come together to be part of one team.  The newcomers challenge themselves to compete at the same level as those seasoned players.  This year, it has been a particular pleasure to watch international students become a part of the team and the athletic community.  They have blended effortlessly to become valued members of this group.

This is exactly why I enjoy coaching at Harrisburg Academy.  Cultural diversity is valued in this community, and the ability to have student-athletes from other countries join our teams is an amazing experience for myself, as well as our domestic students.  The organic interactions between cultures is what makes the Academy unique, and I hope that we continue to host students from other parts of the world each year.

Our tennis teams will only continue to grow with new interest each year.  As I tell my players and their parents — tennis is a sport for a lifetime.  If they learn now they can enjoy it for the rest of their lives, just as Coach Mel and I do!

See you at the courts!

Coach Riz Soulliard is in her third year of coaching at the Academy and has made a huge impact on building the individual skills of each of our tennis players. Her assistant coach is Mel Eckhaus. Both coaches are dedicated to building our Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis teams.