We’re still in the process of tabulating the total for this year’s Spring Soirée (Beth Zak is working with our online auction vendor to resolve a computer issue, which is taking about all the southern charm she can muster!), so I can’t report final numbers quite yet.  But, since we redesigned this event two years ago, it appears to be shaping up to be our most successful spring fundraiser yet!

That success doesn’t happen through the Development Office alone; I think of our faithful faculty members who blew the top off our of raffle ticket sales.  We challenged Early Childhood and Lower School teachers Jackie Stabach, Robyn Cutchall, Gretchen Qualls, and Sarah Ballard to sell 60 tickets.  They responded by selling 114 tickets, on top of what we sold before the event.  I’ve learned there is really no challenge too big for people who keep four- to seven-year-olds in a straight line every day.

Beyond ticket sales, it’s no small feat to put a successful event together.  Our auction committee of Alison Ballantine ’91, Miranda Connelly, Steve Fry (a super emcee!), Catherine Gebauer ’84, Elizabeth Hamilton, Beth Ann Hoagland, Lisa Idrovo, Laurie Kennedy, Dara Kluger, trustee Jill Kusic, Krista Michak, Debra Suri, Jessica Warren, and Trish Wootten put all of the pieces together—whether choosing festive music, finding more champagne, asking for yet another gift card, or visiting yet another local business—they worked for MONTHS, all for one fun night.

And, of course, Mrs. Zak. The glue. She keeps it all together with style, grace, and class and makes it look waaaay too easy. And, she’d be the first to tell everyone that she couldn’t do it without her right-hand woman, Tabitha Black, who runs the numbers, and then runs them again, and again, and again.

Finally—thanks to everyone who supported the event in some way. Whether you bought a raffle ticket, bought an item online, or were the winning bid in the live auction, all of the proceeds from the Spring Soirée go right back to support the faculty and students of Harrisburg Academy. Your generosity makes the Academy something more and something different…and that’s something for which I can’t thank you enough. Cheers!

p.s. Tina Phillips, you rock. That is all.