We live in complicated times.

The amount of information bombarding us can be overwhelming.  The results from sifting through mounds of information can be confusing.  Ultimately, deciding what’s fundamentally important can be difficult.

As for Harrisburg Academy, it’s NOT complicated.

Harrisburg Academy is fundamentally different from every other school in the greater Harrisburg region.  The way we educate students is fundamentally different.  The environment in which Academy students learn and grow is fundamentally different.

Consider some of “advantages” that we believe are inherent to the Academy.

  • Small is Better
  • College-Bound Peer Group
  • Top Scores
  • Real College Counseling
  • Building Character
  • International Baccalaureate, and
  • Powerful Alumni Network

Each one of the “advantages,” in and of itself, is a reason for deciding to educate a child at Harrisburg Academy.  Each one of the “advantages” is a powerful dimension which helps us prepare our students academically for challenges that will confront them in the future.  The “advantages” will enable our students to gain mastery of what they need to know, as well as the analytical capability and confidence to wrestle with complex problems that don’t have simple or easy answers.

The sum of our eleven advantages is greater than any one of them.  The aggregate of those eleven advantages is the reason why we educate students in a fundamentally different way, and in a fundamentally different environment.

It’s important to know about each of the eleven advantages.  It’s also not complicated; Harrisburg Academy is just fundamentally different.