Harrisburg Academy is offering the chance for our students and parents to attend the International Maker Faire in Queens, N.Y. on Sunday, Sept. 22.  The Maker Faire, founded in 2006, showcases the ingenuity and creativity of the growing maker movement, a group of thinkers and builders who dream of creating the next big thing that will set a new standard for technology and innovation.  In 2013, it is predicted that there will be over 60 Maker Faires all over the world, and we are fortunate to have this year’s flagship Faire in our region.

At the Academy, we arm students with the ability to think creatively and push the limits of what they otherwise might have thought impossible.  And I am very excited that we can offer students and parents the opportunity to engage with and draw inspiration from this international gathering of inventors, tinkerers, and dreamers.  My hope is that in coming years, we are able to hold our own Academy Maker Faire for students to share their ideas and inventions with one another.

The Center for Technology & Entrepreneurship, led by Tony O’Neal, Center director and Middle and Upper School technology teacher, is excited to offer this trip to Academy students and parents.  We will charter a busy from the Academy on the day of the Faire; due to the size of the bus, the trip will be limited to the first 52 people to register.  The cost is $65 per person, which includes round-trip transportation and entrance to the Faire.  Registration forms are due by Friday, Sept. 9.  Click here for more information and the registration form.

Questions?  Please contact Steve Fry or Tony O’Neal.