Kindergarten Coffeehouse: Encouraging Reading and Speaking

Our Kindergarten Coffeehouse was a unique opportunity in our students’ educational journeys to speak and perform in front of an audience. The ability to speak clearly and perform confidently begins with talking about familiar subjects to people with whom they’re comfortable.

The lines we spoke were about our daily and weekly routine, and were performed to fellow Kindergarten students, parents, and friends.

We wove information, artwork, songs, and chants (including a drum circle!) about our Specials classes with comments about what we do in our classroom, including our Learning Links continent, Australia!

Interestingly, the children observed later that they had more fun and performed better when they could see the positive reactions from their audience, from smiles and clapping to laughter and singing along. A special thanks to Mrs. Darowish for the beautiful music and exciting performance ideas and coordination!

Co-written by Elaine Price, Former Kindergarten Teacher.