Kindergarten Experiences the Body at the Byrnes Health Education Center

One thing we pride ourselves on at Harrisburg Academy is experiential learning. I have seen first-hand as a teacher in Kindergarten how experiences can cement learning in a child’s mind…and make it fun in the process!

Our latest example of experiential learning was our trip to the Byrnes Health Education Center in York, Pennsylvania. This annual field trip is a fabulous addition to our unit on the human body. We get to watch how sounds travel through the parts of the ear and up to our brain, where our taste buds for “bitter” are found on a giant model tongue, and use our sense of touch to try to decipher the mystery object in a cup. The staff members at the Byrnes Center are fantastic and know how important experiential learning is for kids of all ages — it’s what they are all about! Each of the 23 students got to be a “helper” at one time or another during the presentation on the five senses and were very involved in their learning at each stage.

Our learning experiences will continue back at school, as we wrap up this unit by creating our own model bodies (using paper bags, complete with a crown carrying our brains and glue-on organs that the kids color)! Between circle time reading about the human body, learning about our bones by making macaroni skeletons, and traveling off-site to enjoy an interactive presentation on our field trip, we know that our Kindergartners have TRULY learned this month at Harrisburg Academy!

Whether it’s having a lesson on proper boomerang throwing technique out on the field while studying Australian sports or getting to test out the theory of push and pull with dominoes in science class, Kindergartners at Harrisburg Academy are exposed every day to wonderful learning experiences — and their education is richer for it!

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Arjun K. ’30.

Abby M. ’30.

Children pictured (from left): Evan H. ’30, Elaina D.’30, and Alex G. ’30.

Henry C. ’30.

Children pictured (from left): Sophia M. ’30 and Lucy L. ’30.