When you think about Spanish class, what first comes to mind? Cultural competence?  Global mindedness? Dare I say “fun?”

How many schools offer Spanish starting in Junior Kindergarten and have a curriculum that builds into Middle School and then Upper School? What schools provide Spanish each year to elementary students, allowing each and every child to become comfortable with a foreign language? The answer to those questions: La Academia de Harrisburg or as it’s more commonly known, “Harrisburg Academy.”

The students in Early Childhood and Lower School at Harrisburg Academy are truly at an advantage; they are becoming culturally competent, globally aware, knowledgeable, and comfortable with the Hispanic culture and the Spanish language. The best part is we ensure that the children are having FUN while doing it!  Our students are learning the Spanish language and Hispanic culture through the celebration of various holidays, discussion of customs, and learning what it is like to be a child in different places around the world. They are acquiring vocabulary and phrases relevant and useful in the real world through entertaining activities including songs, projects, and games. Each year they build upon an ever expanding knowledge base, fostering a proficiency and comfort with the language that boosts their confidence in applying Spanish outside of the classroom.

Many studies have shown how a language program such as ours can help students succeed in other academic areas as well.  Could an elementary language program like the one at Harrisburg Academy have even more benefits for each student?  We think so!

Ms. Parker is hosting a MINI Class as part of our Summer Session programming this year!  Make sure to check out Una Semana Divertida (Spanish Camp) for an opportunity for your student to take part in the excellent language programming at the Academy beyond the academic year.