The Great Escape — Tricky Leprechauns Elude 1st Grade Again!

Exactly a month ago, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at Harrisburg Academy.  First grade students had fun sharing their leprechaun traps with classmates and peers in 4th grade, Kindergarten, and Junior Kindergarten.  They demonstrated how they made their traps and how they worked — and if they caught (or narrowly missed catching) a tricky leprechaun!  This project is a beloved annual tradition for the Academy’s 1st grade students.

It is very difficult to catch a tricky leprechaun, but over many years the 1st graders are still having fun trying to catch this small Irish “elf.“

Building a leprechaun trap is a STEM-based project that incorporates science and engineering into a design which also allows for collaborative working and sharing within the 1st grade classroom.

The students enjoy showing off their handiwork.

These tricky leprechaun fellows like to play pranks on 1st graders. Students set the trap the day before St. Patrick’s Day. When students return the next day, they discovered that the leprechaun had escaped their ingenious designs.

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*Co-written by Mary Mahaffey and Maria Lee, 1st grade teachers.